WIND MILE is the alias of the french musician/producer and multi-instrumentalist Antonin Côme. Coming from Normandy, where it all began, Wind Mile is first guitar tunes composed in the intimacy of a bedroom, and the melancholy of summer leaving its place to the dead leaves of next season.

His sincere and moving productions, fed by the improvised walks and the photographs of their mops beyond France and Norway, will rock you by its melodies heavily printed with nostalgia. The heart of Wind Mile is torn between the cold wind of the long winter days and the hot sand of spring coming back, trying to extract the quintessence of these familiar landscapes.

'Hush', his new single, is a featuring with the french philosopher and singer Marie Léger. This song is about the deadlock in which silence can put us sometimes; simply an outlet to finally break this silence, using music. It was the first track he composed during his one-year journey and stay in Norway, produced and recorded in his tiny Bergen apartment. For the mix, Antonin worked with Los Angeles based producer and recording artist, Steven Martinez.

Dutch visual artist, Roos Janssen collaborated with Antonin to design the artwork for Hush, explaining, "Songs describe stories, just like pictures describe memories. I wanted to create a new memory by compiling layers. Layers of a story."

‘Hush’ is available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and all major streaming platforms on June 29th.